Chloe Smith MP

Member of Parliament for Norwich North

Chloe Smith gets things done for Norwich North. With ten years of experience as your MP, she’s an effective, energetic campaigner that you can rely on.

Mark Oxley


Mark is a long time resident of Norwich. He is overseeing the continuous success of the Federation. 

Samantha England

Vice Chair - Political

Samantha is our Deputy Chair Political who is tasked with overseeing our campaigns and promoting policy discussion.

Iain Gwynn

Vice Chair - Membership

Iain currently works hard as our membership secretary and data protection officer to improve communication and work with our member base in order to support its growth and improve the experience our members have of being a part of the Conservative Family.

John C Ward


John is a longstanding member of the Norwich Conservatives and the Chairman of the Eaton and Town Close Branch. John has spent decades working tirelessly for the Conservative Party to promote its aims across Norwich and now organises the running of the Federation.

Andrew Wiltshire

Association Officer

Andrew is the Norwich Conservatives spokesperson and an active part of the Norwich community having represented the Conservatives at City Hall. He continues to work tirelessly on behalf of the city to support the work that Chloe Smith MP does in Norwich North. 

John M Ward

Councillor for Sprowston East

John has been a councillor since 2015, and has been a passionate champion for the people of Sprowston East.

Jonathan Emsell

Councillor for Thorpe St Andrew South East

Jonathan has been a councillor since 2011, and has demonstrated enormous passion for his role and the constituents he serves in Thorpe St Andrews. He has a particular interest in Service Improvement and Efficiency and now serves as the chairman on this committee for the council.

John Fisher

Councillor for Thorpe St Andrew North West

John has been a councillor since 1999, and has served in his role for twenty years.