Chloe Smith MP

Member of Parliament for Norwich
​​​​​​​Chloe has been working hard for the people of Norwich North since being elected as their MP in 2009. She has worked hard to tackle Norwich’s problems and takes Norwich North’s needs to the heart of Westminster. Her vote in Parliament has supported improvements in the British economy – debts down, employment up, lower tax for the lowest earners – which have helped thousands back at home in Norwich.

Mark Oxley

Mark is Chairman of the Norwich Conservative Federation

Nigel Shaw

Nigel Shaw is the Conservative County Councillor for Woodside Ward and Broadland District Councillor for Thorpe St Andrew North West Nigel is a well known local business owner and lives in Thorpe St Andrew.  His company, The Legendary Group, keeps him busy but when not working hard for the people of Woodside, Nigel is a keen on sailing, Flying, Cycling, Formula 1 & associated motor racing, chess & backgammon, pool and hypnosis!

Peter Foster

Peter Foster is the Vice Chairman (Fundraising) for the Norwich Conservatives, along with Richard Jenner.

Richard Jenner

Richard Jenner is Vice Chairman (Fundraising) along with Peter Foster.

Sue Pollok

Sue Pollok is Vice-President of the Norwich Conservatives.