Karen Vincent

Norfolk County Councillor for Old Catton
Broadland District Councillor for Sprowston West

Karen has been a councillor since 2015, and has demonstrated enormous enthusiasm for the Council in doing all she can to improve it and make services work better in the interest of her residents. She has recently been elected as Leader of the Council and now serves to direct its work and ensure the Council is run efficiently. If you are a resident of hers, and wish to speak to Karen about an issue affecting you then you can contact her on her details below or visit her councillor website for full details. In addition to her duties as a District Councillor, she is also a County Councillor for Norfolk. 

email: cllr.karen.vincent@broadland.gov.uk

telephone: 07881 365238

website: https://www.broadland.gov.uk/councillors/41/karen_vincent


50 Years of County Service

Image: Pre social distancing photo earlier this year: Ian Mackie (Thorpe St Andrew, 15 years), Karen Vincent (Old Catton, 3 years), John Ward (Sprowston, 11 years), Shelagh Gurney (Hellesdon, 19 years) and John Fisher (Woodside, 3 years)

Happy Polling Day - 50 Years of County Service 

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John Fisher

Norfolk County Councillor for Woodside
Broadland District Councillor for Thorpe St Andrew North West

John has been a councillor since 1999, and has served in his role for twenty years.

Ian Mackie

Norfolk County Councillor for Thorpe St Andrew
Broadland District Councillor for Thorpe St Andrew North West

First elected to Broadland District Council in 2004 for Thorpe St Andrew North West and as Thorpe St Andrew County Councillor in 2005. Town Mayor in 2016-2018, Ian has been at the heart of local community life and the county for over 15 years.

Shelagh Gurney

Norfolk County Councillor for Hellesdon
Broadland District Councillor for Hellesdon North West

Shelagh has been a councillor since 1997, and has served in her role for over twenty two years.

John M Ward

Norfolk County Councillor for Sprowston
Broadland District Councillor for Sprowston East

John has been a District Councillor since 2007, and has been a passionate champion for the people of Sprowston. In this time he has shown dedication for the people in his ward and now serves on the Environmental Excellence Panel and Planning Committee.