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Welcome to the website of the Norwich Conservatives, where you can find out about our action locally, and follow the work of our MP for Norwich North as well as our Conservative Councillors across Norwich. We really want to hear from you, so if you have any questions, suggestions or comments please email us on

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The team has now delivered 2,000 laptops and tablets to schools in the county – meeting the needs of children across 124 schools, and by tomorrow that will have increased to 2,241 children across 140 schools. In addition, next week we will be improving connectivity to those families in 4G notspots and to those in Wifi hotspots with unlimited data packages for the next 6 months whilst we support people with a longer approach to internet access. This has been great work and we have also received some wonderful feedback from the Principal of a secondary school in Swaffham. He said: “I just wanted...

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