Community Services: Labour's Broken Promises

Across West Norwich, there have been widespread concerns about the basic services people receive from City Hall.

From Waldegrave in Clover Hill, to Caddow Road in Three Score, to the Shoemaker in Earlham, there are examples of chronic neglect from Norwich City Council.

Across the community, there are weeds growing through pavements, verges that are overgrown and pathways that aren't littered with the debris of a few leaves, but covered in Autumn's fall of leaves, leaving a rotting mulch underfoot.

Your local Conservative team say: This is not acceptable.

For the last two years there has always been an excuse. We were promised things would get better when Connaught took over - they didn't. We were told that things would get better when the interim contracts were awarded - they didn't. Now we face another winter without proper maintenance.

Local Conservative Councillor Andrew Wiltshire said, "Norwich City Council is facing heavy financial pressures to slim down its budget - we want to make sure the Labour party provide the basic services for our communities first. For too long has the Labour Party swept issues like the Shoemaker and proper grounds maintenance under the carpet and now we're just left in a mess.

"We are launching a series of petitions to put pressure on the administration and provide real answers to why this isn't being done".