Nigel Shaw

Nigel Shaw is the Conservative County Councillor for Woodside Ward and Broadland District Councillor for Thorpe St Andrew North West Nigel is a well known local business owner and lives in Thorpe St Andrew.  His company, The Legendary Group, keeps him busy but when not working hard for the people of Woodside, Nigel is a keen on sailing, Flying, Cycling, Formula 1 & associated motor racing, chess & backgammon, pool and hypnosis!  Nigel also runs the EAI Pool League in Norwich. Political areas of interest for Nigel, 60, include crime, environment, fire & rescue, airports & noise and keeping a sound financial grip at County Hall. When asked why Nigel joined the Conservatives in Norwich and stood for election in Woodside, he replied, "To try to make a difference in Norfolk."Nigel is also the Vice Chairman (IT Support) for the Norwich Conservatives. 

01603 435839