Parking hikes at City Hall

 Residents have complained that just weeks after being elected, one of the first acts of the newly-elected Labour Council around here was to support increases in residents parking permits by up to 17%.Conservative Councillor Niki George said: “What a pity that Labour don’t look more at reducing t

Community Services: Labour's Broken Promises

Across West Norwich, there have been widespread concerns about the basic services people receive from City Hall. From Waldegrave in Clover Hill, to Caddow Road in Three Score, to the Shoemaker in Earlham, there are examples of chronic neglect from Norwich City Council.

Conservatives welcome Free School for Norwich

Conservative Leaders in Norwich have welcomed the decision of the Department for Education to approve a new Free School for the City, due to open in September.Conservative Leader at City Hall, Councillor Andrew Wiltshire said:"Free Schools, especially those set up by teachers groups such as th

Newsletters uploaded

We are pleased to say that we have now been able to upload the first set of calling cards, leaflets & newsletters to our new website.  To download these please just clikc on the "newsletter" link at the top of the page.Party Chairman Antony Little said: "Wherever you live in Norwich we want t

Norwich Conservatives Elect New Team for 2011

The Norwich South Conservatives have elected a new team to take the party forward into the crucial elections in May and beyond.  Incumbant Chairman Andrew Wiltshire has stood down to focus on his re-election battle in Bowthorpe & Earlham and will be replaced by Antony Little, who was the part

Britain's Debt Hits A Trillion

Conservatives in Norwich have expressed support for the economic measures being taken by the Conservative-led government, on the day that the national debt topped one trillion pounds.  Residents can check on the debt here to see how much it is rising by.Speaking on behalf of the Norwich South Con