Will Labour take up the Conservative Council Tax Challenge?

The Conservative group on Norfolk County Council today have called for a freeze on council tax next year to protect the council taxpayers ofNorfolkfrom shouldering an extra financial burden.

The call for the freeze accompanies a motion that the Conservatives will put to Council on 16th September directing the Cabinet to urgently consider freezing council tax.

Explaining the proposal Conservative Leader Bill Borrett said, "The Conservative manifesto for the Norfolk County Council’s elections in May this year made a pledge to ensure a council tax freeze for another year.  By tabling this motion, we are seeking to fulfil this commitment to the people ofNorfolkand stop them from shouldering an extra financial burden in these difficult times”.

Conservative Shadow Cabinet MemberCliff Jordansaid, "The council can, and should, be generating its own income to reduce its dependency on the government grant and to provide a sound and sustainable level of funding.

"We believe the council should not keep dipping its hands into people's pockets and that is exactly what we want to stop the Labour-UKIP-Lib-Dem administration from doing.”

Chloe Smith, Conservative MP for Norwich-North, underlined the importance of freezing council tax at County Hall, commenting, “Council tax is really important to residents who are struggling with the cost of living.  Conservatives have acted to freeze it for hardworking families, yet Labour in Norwich is letting them down again and again with high council tax.”