Why one first timer is taking the leap into local politics: Natasha Allen & her campaign in Crome Ward

Natasha is new into politics and wants to see lots of positive changes in how City Hall is currently run. She has been helping out with many campaigns and now wants to be the voice that puts local residents first. Natasha graduated with a law degree in 2009 and like many graduates, at first struggled to find employment straight out of Uni. That’s when she first took an interest in politics. She wanted to help others in the community who faced the same challenge.

When asked why she chose to stand now for the first time, Natasha said “My decision to stand to be the local Councillor is because instead of sitting at the sidelines watching City Hall make the wrong decisions time and time again, I wanted to do something about it. As an active campaigner speaking to residents regularly, I always hear people’s concerns so I decided to run for council to make a positive change in the community. It’s time for a more fairer democratic council—that’s why we need a Conservative councillor.”