UPDATED: City Hall Spending Document Found! (But why was it hidden away?)

Red-faced Labour bosses at City Hall have said that they have complied with govenrment requests to publish spending information over £500, but that the details are well hidden on the authority website.

Responding to the news, Conservative Chairman Antony Little said:
"Thanks to pressure from the Conservatives we now have answers on this.  The documents existed but were not listed on the Community Departments Website, on the openlylocal website or via google.  There is no link on the frontpage of the City Council website and you have to go through a maze of clicks to get to it.  This isn't open government; it is hidden government because the documents are, quite literally, hidden on the council website."

"What are Labour hiding from here?  Why are they not open and proud about this, encourgaing the armchair auditors of Norwich to look through their accounts?"

"To do something is good, but to do something and then hide it is quite bizarre."

"I have today written to Labour's Leader in City Hall to ask that a prominent link be put on the City website and for the Council to issue a call for everybody to take a look at the books!"