Time for a change in Catton Grove!

Christopher Gray is brand new to local politics and is determined to make a difference in a community he knows well.  Norfolk lad Christopher is currently working as the “Study Abroad and International Officer” at UEA, a job which he thoroughly enjoys.  However, the 23 year old Norwich Rugby Club player is now keen for another challenge.

“The decision to make the right, tough decisions about our economy, regardless of how unpopular those decisions are, shows our leaders strength of character,” Christopher explained.  “It is easy to sit on the sidelines criticising but the real challenge is rolling your sleeves up and helping sort the problem yourselves.”

Christopher said: “I always believe the best way to influence people's lives in a good way is through politics. That is the main reason why I want to represent Catton Grove at Norfolk County Council. In these hard economic times, I want to provide support and help develop the Catton Grove Community, as well as the Norfolk Community as a whole, so that we can further recover from these tough times.”

The selection of new, young candidate Christopher is being seen by many residents in positive contrast to the failed old politics of the other candidates, some of whom have represented and let down Norwich in the past.