Our Broadland Manifesto

We are very proud to share with you our manifesto, containing our pledges to you for the next four years for Broadland District Council.


Your local Conservative councillors have been working hard for you to ensure you have the best local services, at the lowest and most efficient cost to you.


We will ensure that our residents continue to be supported and represented by truly local people who care about their communities and want to ensure that they are the very best places for all of our residents, young and old to work and live in.


The hard work of our local councillors in the past 4 years has included refurbishing the Diamond Centre in Sprowston, refurbishing Roxley Hall in Thorpe St. Andrew, refurbishing Hellesdon Parish Hall, adding play equipment in parks across the district, the roll out of even more food waste collection, the leading of community events, and ensuring that council tax has been frozen again.


With your support on May 2nd, all of our Broadland District Councillors look forward to serving you again for the next 4 years.


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