Norwich Conservatives Elect New Team for 2011

The Norwich South Conservatives have elected a new team to take the party forward into the crucial elections in May and beyond.  Incumbant Chairman Andrew Wiltshire has stood down to focus on his re-election battle in Bowthorpe & Earlham and will be replaced by Antony Little, who was the party's candidate in the 2010 General Election.  Mr Little's two Deputies will be Paul Wells (Political) and Eve Collishaw (Membership & Fundraising).  The changes came at the AGM, held in a packed-out meetings room at the Cellar House on Eaton Street.

Outgoing Chairman Andre Wiltshire noted:

"In the year that the Conservatives came back into power Nationally, it is noticeable that we have had our best attended AGM for many, many years.  People are, again, interested in the Conservatives and in the work that we are doing to cut our massive national debt and bring Britain back from the brink."

New Chairman, Antony Little, used his first speech to party members to say:

"The Conservatives are doing everything we can, both locally and nationally, to put 13 years of Labour damage behind us."  And taking a swipe at the national situation, he said: "It is very well for Labour to oppose every spending reduction that is made, but what are their plans?  Their Chancellor, Mr Darling, set out plans for spending cuts of 20% and yet they have not told us where a penny of that would fall.  Quite honestly, without an economic plan they are just not credible."

"I have a fantastic team behind me and lots of new people coming on board to help the party.  We look forward to a very successful year in 2011."

The AGM also saw 22 people elected to the Executive Committee, up from 14 last year, including 11 new members.

Deputy Chairman Paul Wells said: "The party is in good financial shape and is ready to fight the next election with great vigour."