New Three Score Development

Local Conservative County Council Paul Wells, has called on residents to speak up and make their views known to the City Council after the plans for 1000 new homes in Three Score were made public. 
The proposal includes a range of commuity facilities, and will represent one of the largest developments within the City Council's boundaries. Paul Wells who lives in Bowthorpe has been talking with residents all over the community to try and guage their views of the new plans, before he submitts his views to the Council. If anyone has any views please get in touch. Paul said "This development have massive effects on the current residents and so it is important that they feel properly involved in this process and that the City Council does listen to them. I have a number of concerns about this development and strong feeling that we need assurances that any community provision will be built at the same time as any housing. Please get in touch if need extra information about this development or have any views you want to express."