New figures show we are delivering greater economic security for families in Norwich this Christmas

Chloe Smith MP has welcomed new figures today showing 265,000 more people in work across the East since the last Labour Government and a record level of employment across the UK as a whole – with over 2.2 million more people enjoying the security of a job than in 2010.

In Norwich, the number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and Universal Credit while not in employment has fallen by 2,707 - a 59 per cent drop – since 2010.

The figures also show that average pay is up 2.4 per cent while inflation is close to flat. This means working people across Norwich are seeing their wages grow and our plan for a higher-employment and higher-wage economy is working.

With employment at a record 73.9 per cent, today’s official statistics show that our economic plan is working – creating jobs and growing pay packets for families in Norwich as we continue to move towards the goal of full employment that we committed to in our manifesto.

‘Today’s figures are good news for families in Norwich this Christmas. With employment at a record high – driven by an increase in full-time work – and wages continuing to grow above inflation, our plan for a higher-employment, higher-wage economy is working. 

‘Even as we end the year on a high, we cannot rest. Nearly 750,000 job vacancies show we have an opportunity to help even more unemployed people back into work. And with the introduction next year of the National Living Wage and 30 hours free childcare for working families, we will continue to work towards a higher-wage, lower-welfare society with opportunity and security at its heart.’