More school funding for Norwich schools

The Government has confirmed the future funding for schools in England, with every school in Norwich North securing more money.

"I want more children in Norwich North to get an outstanding education.  Increasing funding for every single school in the constituency is a good way to go," commented Chloe Smith MP.

The “national funding formula” (NFF) seeks to make school funding fairer.  Traditionally, Norfolk schools have received less per pupil than others.  

From next April, NFF replaces the current unfair, opaque and out-of-date funding system that sees each area of the country receive very different amounts of money for no justifiable reason.  This is an historic reform.  It puts money where it’s most needed, helping to ensure that every child can get the high quality education that they deserve, wherever they live. 

With this additional investment, the Government is increasing the basic funding for every pupil in every school will attract, to a minimum of £4,600 at secondary level and £3,300 for primary.  There’s a minimum cash increase in respect of every school, and more for schools that had been historically under-funded.  The Government is also increasing “high needs” funding, which supports our most vulnerable children.  Money per pupil will be maintained in real terms, as schools transition to the new formula.

Following last summer's announcement of £1.3bn of extra funding, overall budgets for English schools will rise from almost £41bn in 2017/18 to £42.4bn in 2018/19 and £43.5bn in 2019/20.