Green Group Leader Joins Conservatives

The ruling Norfolk Conservative County Council Group today received a resounding endorsement, as senior Green Party Councillor Phillip Hardy announced his intention to join the Conservative Party.

Cllr. Hardy the Leader of the Green Group at County Hall, and County Councillor for Thorpe Hamlet was first elected in 2009, and was the first Green politician to have been appointed to the Norfolk Police Authority. Recently Cllr. Hardy has worked successfully with the Conservative administration to create an ESCO, and his move is a positive endorsement of the Conservative Council’s policies.

Cllr. Hardy’s move swells the Conservative Group to 63 members; the largest any political party has ever achieved in the history of Norfolk. Over recent years Phillip has been impressed with hard work of the Conservative Party both nationally and locally.

Cllr Hardy said “Over a resonable period of time, I have become increasingly impressed with the Conservative Party both locally, where they are commendably focused on protecting front lines services, and nationally. I share David Cameron's vision for a modernised NHS that I believe will make it fit for the 21st century and I was proud when he inspired the international community to intervene in Libya earlier this year.  I've found myself alone on a growing number issues of late within the Green Party. For instance I have strongly supported the need for a credible deficit reduction plan since US lost their triple A credit rating. This absolutely essential considering that France may soon lose theirs. Although this has been an extremely difficult decision to make, I believe it is the right one. I wish the Norwich Greens well and I will of course continue to represent everyone within my division on any issues or council-related queries raised with me.

 Local Conservatives have welcomed the news, Derrick Murphy the Leader of Norfolk County Council said “Phillip is a fantastic councillor who has already managed to make Norfolk a better place through his work on the ESCO amongst other projects. He is dynamic passionate and hard working and I am confident he will make an excellent contribution to the Conservative Group at County Hall.