Eve Collishaw standing for Catton Grove

Evelyn Collishaw is a well known face around the City, and as Norwich's 100th Lord Mayor she has served her City with passion and pride.  Eve was born and educated in Norwich and ran a business in the city for several years.  Eve has spent many years in politics and 12 years as a county councillor plus 7 years as a city councillor.   As Lord Mayor Eve enjoyed meeting a lot of people involved in Norwich charities.  

So what has sparked an interest in serving again?  Eve say, "I believe in freedom and letting people spend their money how they wish rather than the socialist ideas of city hall government spending our money how they wish."

"Norwich should be a city accessible to all with good transport, parks and theatres.  We all need to take more responsibility for our city and not despoil it with rubbish and graffiti.  Respect your surroundings and keep them tidy – or you will have to pay more tax for someone to clean up!"


Eve always tells people to use their vote as we are very fortunate to have a democratic vote in this country but we do not always appreciate this freedom.  "Somebody has to stand up and speak out when they see things going wrong," said Eve, "and I am willing to do just that."