Conservatives win by-election in Cringleford

The Conservatives have held onto former Norfolk County Council Leader Dan Cox's Humbleyard seat at Thursday's by-election.  Mr Cox, who has now gone to work for the VSO in India, will be succeeded by Judith Virgo.

The by-election covers Cringleford & Colney, just outside of Norwich, where Miss Virgo has lived for the last 10 years.

The full result was: Virgo (Conservative) 1015, LibDems 438, Labour 424, Green 176, UKIP 133

Speaking on behalf of the Norwich Conservatives, Antony Little said:
"Our warmest congratulations go to County Councillor Judith Virgo who has over many years proved what a valuable community champion she it."

"This has been a fantastic result for the party and clearly the hard work of Judith and her team has paid off.  This leaves the Conservatives in a very strong position for the South Norfolk elections next year and also in places like Eaton, in Norwich, where the Conservatives are neck-and-neck with the LibDems."