Chloe Smith MP: New apprenticeships mean more young people in Norwich getting the skills they need to succeed

Chloe Smith MP has welcomed new figures showing 1,460 new apprenticeships were started by people in Norwich last year. In total 7,160 new apprenticeships have been started in Norwich since 2010 – meaning more young people getting the skills they need for a successful and secure future.

The figures showed a strong rise in the number of apprenticeships started – up 40,400 in the East of England in 2014/15 from the year before.

In total 2.4 million apprenticeships were started in England over the last parliament. And the Conservatives are committed to go even further over the next five years and deliver 3 million more by 2020. This is being funded by an apprenticeships levy on large employers, who will have control over funding to ensure it is giving young people the skills they will need to succeed.

Chloe said:

“These figures are fantastic news. Over 7,000 new apprenticeships since 2010 means more young people in Norwich getting the skills to succeed and get on in life.

“Apprenticeships have been at the heart of our plan to deliver a more secure future for young people and as Conservatives we are committed to go even further over the next five years, with the commitment we made in our manifesto to deliver 3 million more high quality apprenticeships by 2020.

“We are giving young people proper training and the prospect of a better future. Millions of young people are getting a good start in life, learning a trade, and knowing the purpose and pride that comes with that.”