Local News

Will Labour take up the Conservative Council Tax Challenge?

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith has backed community leaders and residents in demanding that the Labour-LibDem-UKIP alliance at County Hall pledge a council tax freeze for 2014 - like the Conservatives managed for the last 3 years

Labour's Tax Bombshell for Norfolk

Under Labour, hardworking families would be facing a tax hike of £210 on their town hall bills this year, new analysis reveals.

20s Plenty for Norwich's Schools!

After years of nothing-but-talk from the Liberal Democrats and Labour on the issue, Norfolk's Conservatives have announced if they win the May 2nd elections there will be action on 20mph zones outside of schools

Conservatives call on Eaton Lib Dem Councillor to resign

A political storm has hit Eaton, after a senior LibDem Councillor is revealed as taking on a third political job - as County Candidate for Old Catton and also standing for parliament in Norwich North - leaving his voters in Eaton out in the cold.  Conservatives are calling on Cllr James Wright to quit and give Eaton the chance to elect a new, local, hard working councillor.