"A Budget for Aspiration": Norwich welcomes #Budget2013

Norwich families have welcomed moves by the government to help people with the cost of living and plans to make it easier to get into work.

Taxes have been cut on beer, petrol and the cost of employing people.  That is in addition to the welcome news that Tory-run Norfolk County Council will also freeze their share of council tax.

Paul Wells, Conservative Councillor for Bowthorpe & Earlham said: "Prices are rising and people are feeling the squeeze.  However this budget, for people who aspire and work hard, will help them.  It is good to see the beer price escalator scrapped as we have seen many good pubs in Norwich closed recently.  The scrapping of the planned petrol tax will help every family here in Norwich too."

However, there was also much praise for the 2 big ideas in the budget - cutting the cost of childcare which will allow many more parents who wish to work the chance to get back into employment, and the plans to help house buyers with government guaranteed deposits.

Eve Collishaw, Conservative candidate for Sewell, said: "For many young people the aspiration of owning their own home seems totally out of reach.  The plans announced today will help thousands of people with their deposits and will once again help us towards being a nation of home owners."

34 year old teacher, Antony Little, said of the child care plans, "these are perfect for families like ours, with three kids, who will be hit by the cost of childcare if we both decided to go back to work."

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