20s Plenty for Norwich's Schools!

The Conservatives at County Hall have announced their intention to focus on measures to reduce speeding outside schools.

At a meeting of Norfolk County Council’s Cabinet on 8th April, Councillor Graham Plant said in a written answer that the County would be looking at the possibility of introducing measures to reduce speeding outside schools when a review is completed in the summer.

Councillor Bill Borrett gave assurances that if the Conservatives formed the next administration at County Hall they would initiate a consultation with schools to look at the issue.

The answers were given following written questions by Norwich’s County Councillors Nigel Shaw and Ian Mackie who raised concerns about speeding outside Norfolk schools and asked about progress on a campaign to reduce the speed limit outside St William’s Primary School inThorpe St. Andrew.

Commenting on the news, Conservative Cabinet Member Graham Plant said, “I am delighted we can take this step towards offering schools the chance to look at speeding restrictions outside their gates. Following the results of the review in the summer, we will look at addressing any immediate issues urgently to ensure the safety of our young people”.

Bill Borrett, Leader of Conservative-run County Hall said, “We have been running a pilot on schemes like this for some time and I am very pleased to say that if we are returned as the administration after the May elections we will work hard to ensure that where it is needed, we will help schools to target speeding.

“The campaign organised by parents and local councillors in Thorpe is one of several being organised across the county, such as another in Holt being organised to reduce the speeding outside Gresham’s VillageSchool.

“Where there is a need and the support of the school, we will look at what action we can take to keep our children safe”.

The decision has been warmly welcomed by Norwich Conservatives.  Eaton's Antony Little said: "The Lib Dems make a lot of noise but seem to achieve very little.  After years of waiting for City Hall to take action, it is great that the Conservatives are going over their heads to get something done."

Crome candidate Jon Emsell agreed, "On many big issues, such as the A11 and the redevelopment of the bus station, Labour and the LibDems are all talk whereas Conservatives go out there and get it done."