Hellesdon Branch

Hellesdon Branch

The Hellesdon Branch comprises some of our most passionate Conservative Councillors in Norwich, regularly advocating and advancing the issues of residents across Hellesdon North West and Hellesdon South East. Your councillors are here to support you with any issues that may arise within your wards and will represent you at their respective council meetings to ensure your views are heard. Please see below for the names and contact details of your councillors.


Branch Committee

Chair: Shelagh Gurney

Secretary: David King


Your Conservative Councillors

Norfolk County Councillors

  • Hellesdon Division:    Shelagh Gurney

Broadland District Councillors

  • Hellesdon North West:    David King, Shelagh Gurney
  • Hellesdon South East:    Sue Prutton

Parish and Town Councillors

  • Hellesdon North West: 
  • Hellesdon South East: 


Hellesdon Branch Directory 

Shelagh Gurney: 01603 403122

David King: 07858 626772 (cllr.davidking@outlook.com)

Sue Prutton: 01603 413890

Postal Address: Hellesdon Conservative Branch, Norwich North Conservatives, The Christchurch Centre, Magdalen Road, Norwich, NR3 4LA