Conservative Conference Party Conference 2020

This year, our Annual Party Conference, will take place between Sunday 4th October 2020 and Wednesday 7th October 2020. Party Conference is an opportunity to come together with MP's, Councillors, Business Leaders and fellow Members from across the country to 'think, discuss and progress'. It's an opportunity to develop as a Member and share your views on policy proposals - or suggest your own. 

In order to book a pass, you'll need a countersignature for your application. If you need an eligible countersignature, and are a Member of the Norwich Conservatives, please contact the Association on

You can find out full details on this brochure:…

If you'd like to book your ticket, you can do so here:

Note: the prices rise incrementally. If you book early, prices start at just £25 for the full Conference. If you wait until the last minute, the cost can be up to £600 AND passes are subject to availability and there's no guarantee they will be available if purchased later in the year.

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Being a member of the Norwich Conservatives means that you have joined the most open and democratic political party in Britain. After the first three months of your membership, you will be able to vote in Leadership elections and candidate selections. You will also have a chance to influence Party policy by letting us know your views and you will also receive a free copy of our regular membership magazine, "Heartland".