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Be part of something for our community!



Behind our MP, and our local councillors there is a a great team of local volunteers. Our volunteers help Norwich Conservatives by offering skills, services and time. They make a real difference to our community. Volunteering is great fun, and you can make good friends.


So why not volunteer to join the Norwich Conservatives team, whatever your talent or passion, you will be able to make a valuable contribution. Either send us your contact details through the form* here, or email






Not sure about volunteering? 

If you are thinking of volunteering all we’d say is please just do it. Whatever time or contribution you are able to make will be valued and much appreciated, however small.

With your help we will get results.


One example is a project Chloe Smith set up - Norwich for Jobs - which has helped over 1,500 young people in to work in Norwich. This means that many young people are now taking home a pay packet, gaining skills and experience, and more peace of mind.

With your help we will continue to get the big things done. Norwich Conservatives led the effort to secure road and rail improvements for Norwich. You'll see that we like to make a difference.


Our priorites are to:

  1. Get results for the people of Norwich, like delivering on the hard-won improvements in our rail and road infrastructure
  2. Support local jobs and the city's economy
  3. Work hard for familes and the community
  4. Always support the elderly and the vulnerable
  5. Stand up for the next generation
  6. Help keep Norwich and Britain on course for prosperity

Like you we’re passionate and Norwich and Britain and want to ensure we all enjoy an even better future. Will you join with us to make sure we achieve this together? You’d be joining a growing team of community volunteers who are great people, a like-minded team of all ages who actively support us, help us to be the best representatives of local people we can be. And we like socialising too!

You can help with things like delivering leaflets in your street, putting a poster in your garden, talking with local residents, or just by keeping their eyes and ears open for what's going on in your local area. Others give their time, talent and skill to help me with local initiatives.

So please do volunteer, we'd love to hear from you.


*By entering your email address you agree to receive communications from us, from which you can opt-out using the "unsubscribe" link in each email we send. We will not share your details with anyone outside the Conservative Party.